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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pink Ribbon Fair Vol.2

Hello Lovelies!
As i promised i ll dedicate a few posts on pink ribbon fair this week!
And this is one of them!
Tentacio has this exclusive dress only there!
Its for a good cause, but even if it wasnt this dress is a must have!!!
Hope Dress will give hope to many women !
Also Tentacio has this lovely top for the PRF hunt!
The sleeves are seperated from the top , so u can  fit them perfectly to your shape!
Dont Forget the pink jeans from Fiend !
Im also wearing Lyla from Logo hair !
This amazing hairstyle was at the hair fair, but u can find it now at the store!

So.... What I'm Wearing :: 

Pic 1 ::
Hair :: Lyla ( Ebony ) ~ Logo 
Dress :: Hope Dress ~ Tentacio ~ PRF
Bracelletes :: Grande ~ Je suis 
Shoes :: Platform Pumps ~ HOC Industries 

Pic 2 ::
Hair :: Lyla ( Ebony ) ~ Logo 
Top :: PRF hunt ~ Tentacio ~   PRF  (hunt gift)
Jeans :: FightLikeAGirl ~ FIEND ~    PRF  (hunt gift)
Bracelletes :: Grande ~ Je suis 

1 comment:

  1. Awww the top is so cute <3 (and i still wasnt at pink ribbon fair -.-) have to buy it TODAY ;D