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Sunday, 8 April 2012

I made a Mesh....

Hello and Happy Easter everyone!!!!

            Im a member of an amazing group on facebook ( join it here ), and im in informed for every sale on Second Life.
            So this week i went to the amazing sale at Ibizarre!!
            Also The Dressing room has a new collection and i got from there my amazing hairband !! ( I have feathers on my head \o/ ) .
                                              And Last but Not Least....
Magika has this amazing hair for free as an Easter Gift! Its Mesh and it looks fantastic!
The only thing u need to do is to subscribe..
And the hair is yours!!

So.... What I'm wearing ::

Hair :: Magika [ Gift ] ~ Magika
Shirt :: Oleta Tunika - blue/khaki ~ Ibizaree
Shorts :: Oleta Leather Shorts ~ Ibizaree
Hairband :: TDRspecial Black Hairband ~ TDR
Shoes ::  Secret Boots - Midnight ~ [ elikatira ]

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