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Monday, 2 April 2012

What doesnt Kill your Makes you Stronger.....

Hello Ladies!!!
Today i decided to be a cheap ass and dress my self with discount items!!
The Grunge Soul Project has a new round and also DeeTalez has a clearing sale!!
Also the jeans are from my favorite new store Furore!! I still cant believe that u can find this quality in such a low price!

( Also i clicked more buttons than usual at Gimp and i think my pictures look more decent now)

So..... What I'm Wearing ::

Hair :: Amanda_Brown ~ Miss C.
Shirt ::  Tops vintage red ~ DeeTalez
Tattoo :: what doesn't kill you tat.~ piccara ~ The Grunge Soul Project
Pants ::  Low Rise Bootcut *JEANS* ~ [Furore]
Suspenders :: Morgan  { i took them from the outfit } ~ Delirium Style

1 comment:

  1. Furore is really Great!!! I coudn't believe my Eyes When I read 54 L for a Jeans :OOO