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Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember... Remember.... The 5th Of November...

Remember, remember, the fifth of November;
The Gunpowder treason and plot!
So in the 5th of November 1605, an English Dude named Guy Fawkes , decided to blow up the parliament!
GunPowder Plot ! Sounds Fascinating !
It failed but England found an excuse to celebrate every year! Thats all i know !
Well, thats all i knew till i visited the Guy Fawkes Exhibition n i learned more ! 
( Oh there is also a movie called V for Vendetta that u need to watch ! )

And since this celebration is english , i decided to wear these awesome new pants from NV, 
and these lovely jewellery from Virtual Insanity!
Also Tentactio has this gorgeous shirt at the 60L Atelier ! ( i love discount stores )!
And dont forget to pay a visit to Ronsem for these gorgeous , ultra realistic boots ! U ll love them !

So... What I'm Wearing ::

Mask :: Guy Fawkes Mask ~Land of Nodd ~ ( 0L )
Hair :: Penny ( browns) ~ Ploom 
Shirt :: Nuar Sweater ( grey ) ~ Tentacio ~ 60L Atellier
Pants :: Strut Jeans ( U.K. Blue ) ~ [NV]
Shoes :: 5Hole Boots ( maroon ) ~ Ronsem 
Ring :: The Union Ring ~ Virtual Insanity 
Necklace :: The Union Necklace ~ Virtual Insanity 

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