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Monday, 19 November 2012

Totally Bad...

Im not much of a clubber but i have to say that if u want to go somewhere 
and have fun there is no better place than BAD
Its a new club ( part of the Ambrosia Entertainment) that u call listen 80s n 90s music! 
Since  i chose to take my pictures there today i thought to have the appropriate look !
The new release from Rockoil was perfect !
Bad is Totally rad too ( *points down )! You know what is also absolutely rad?
The new boots from Fiend! Seriously these are some of the best shoes i ve put on the past weeks ! I absolutely fell in love with them ! 
And also take a look at the new round of Stuff in Stock . Bens Beauty releashed this awesome necklace!
Last but not least my lovely eyeliner from Eyelure! A lady shouldnt go anywhere without her makeup! 
Be Bad and Rad Ladies !!! 

So... What I'm Wearing :: 

Hair :: Amelie ( Black Coffee) ~ Wasabi
Makeup :: Eyelashes and eyeliners set (5 mega lines) ~ EyeLure
Dress :: Fluffy ~ Rockoil
Belt :: Cinch.Belt ( black ) ~ Fri.Day
Shoes :: Mesh Riot Boots ( Rose ) ~ FIEND 
Necklace ::  Antique 2 Cross Necklace ~ Bens BeautyStuff in Stock 
Bracellete :: Rockababy Bracelet ( Black ) ~ BLEU ~ Stuff in Stock 

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