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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Save Your Boobies .....

Save your Boobies ladies! 
And every girl's boobies too!
The Pink Ribbon Fair takes place August 4th to 25th, 2012 and is waiting for you !
Never say No to a project that is for a good cause!
More Info Here !
AngelRed is one of the biggest supporters of this even and provides us with 2 amazing items!
The first one is the mesh top above and the other one is these pink undies bellow!
But these gorgeous items need accessorising !
And where is the best places for amazing stuff in low price are the discount stores!
Perfect wardrope and TDR did their miracle again !
Bens Beauty has these gorgeous earings, and TDR n LoQ ( the store of the week ) have hair, rings and many many more!!
Dont Forget to visit!
If u cant wait till the Pink Ribbon Fair to get this awesome Tee, 
AngelRed released it in many colors at the main store! 
Here are some of my favorites!!

So... What I'm Wearing :: 
Pic 1 ::
Top :: Awareness Tee ~ AngelRed ~ ( Pink Ribbon Fair ) 
Hair :: Gingerbread ( Black) ~ LoQ Hair ~ TDR
Glasses :: Oversized Sunglasses ~ Izzie's
Earings :: Party Earings ~ Ben's Beauty ~ Perfect Wardrope
Ring :: Triangle Ring ~ Color.Me.Hof   ~ TDR

Pic 2 ::
Undies :: Hunt Item ~  AngelRed ~ ( Pink Ribbon Fair ) 
Hair :: Odette ( espresso ) ~ Truth 
Shoes :: Goshi Pumps ( pink panther) ~ MStyle

Pic 3 ::

Tops :: Trendy Tee ~  AngelRed
Hair :: Gingerbread ( Black) ~ LoQ Hair ~ TDR

Glasses :: Oversized Sunglasses ~ Izzie's
Earings :: Party Earings ~ Ben's Beauty ~ Perfect Wardrope
Ring :: Triangle Ring ~ Color.Me.Hof   ~ TDR

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